A Better Way to Involve Fans

Connecting the Sports Industry to the eSports generation

QiSports connects the eSport generation to the traditional sports world with a platform that gives them control, interactivity and capability to socialize.

Kickoff Legends Soccer (KoL) and The Virtual League of Hockey (VLH) do exactly that. One week season and one hour tournaments engage fans constantly, developing their skill to build their team giving them control, interactivity and capability to socialize.

Market Opportunity

  • There is a growing fusion of sports and interactive entertainment.
  • Live sports are gaining traction on social media.
  • New revenue streams emerge as fans get fully connected.
  • IeSports becomes a $1B global force.
  • Increased investment in data and CRM optimizes fan relationships.

Fan Engagement Cycle

Qi Sports bridges real life sports events with the infinite flexibility of the virtual.


15 years experience in social networks for sports medias.

Yves Lapierre

Louis Asselin

Roula Issa

Vincent Khouni


Patrice Bernier
Sports industry (Montreal Impact)

Jürgen Goeldner
Game Industry (UK/Germany)

Eric Gauthier
Tech Industry AI (CEO Semeon)

Gilles Vigneau
Economist (Montreal)